Am I eligible?

CIMA prerequisites

This part-time, distance-learning, online programme is for people who have passed the management level of CIMA Professional syllabus. The course is designed to develop your commercial acumen and to provide you with knowledge and skills to be a successful professional working in the finance or business sectors.

You must be an active CIMA student or member and have attained a pass mark in at least one of the three papers at the Managerial Level of the Professional syllabus. This does not include exemptions. Pass marks at the Managerial level are recognised for papers taken from the 2010 revision of the Professional syllabus up until the present time. Students who have passed the management level case study exam and received the Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting, under the 2015 syllabus, are also eligible.

Manchester Metropolitan University and CIMA reserve the right to refuse to accept students onto this programme.