Programme format

Course format and duration

The BA Honours degree in Sustainable Performance Management programme is made up of two units, Accounting and Management Control Systems and Ethics and Sustainability Accounting. In order to complete the programme, both units must be studied and their assignments passed.

Courseware slide - Introduction to Accounting Controls.

The programme is designed to last for one year, with the units studied one after another. Once students have submitted assignments for their first unit of study and the assignment submission period has closed, the second unit of study is then open for students to begin.

The next available registration dates are outlined in the table below. From the formal start of the programme your tutor will be available to pose questions to and provide you with guidance, right the way up until the assignment submission period. However, if you have successfully enrolled on the course before the formal start date, you will be able to access the online learning environment and begin your studies if you choose to.

Ethics and Sustainability Accounting Unit (March 2018) Accounting and Managing Control Systems (September 2018)


Registration period ends:
Tuesday 4th September 2018


Unit start date:
Tuesday 20th September 2018

  Forum Activities - Tuesday 18th December 2018
Assignment submission deadline:
Thursday 30th August 2018
Assignment submission deadline:
Tuesday 26th February 2019

Each unit comprises of 20 sessions of online learning. Each session comprises of approximately one hour of taught learning material and is designed to engage students and offer interactive features to enhance the learning experience. Together with the taught learning material, students are directed to recommended reading from the University's online library and at the end of each session there are a series of formative learning exercises to enable students to consolidate their learning and practice new techniques introduced. The online material and tutor interaction is intended to guide the student toward the submission of the assignments.

Courseware slide - session 18.

It is expected that students complete the programme within one year, for more information on the assignments and submission dates please see Assessment section.

Formative learning

As part of each unit there will be a series of formative learning exercises at the end of each session. These exercises are not formally assessed and are designed to help students consolidate their learning from the session.

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The exercises are fully interactive with answers provided and guidance given on more discursive questions. Typically, each session will include a Quiz and two longer questions, that are designed to develop students' understanding and competence.

Students will have the ability to discuss topics and questions with their peers. An academic tutor for each unit will also be on hand each week to answer questions and provide guidance to students.

Courseware slide - Quiz.

Academic and course requirements

The units within the programme are assessed via a number of assignments, see the Assessment section for further details. The assignments will include the production of an academic report. To assist students with this, each unit includes sessions that introduce the required academic skills of: researching, referencing and report writing. These 'skills' sessions give students a thorough understanding of these academic disciplines and guide them through their practical application using commercial illustrations and examples of best practice.

The programme is also designed to encourage students to share their views on the topics studied and explore areas of their learning. To facilitate this, the unit tutors will raise four topics for discussion throughout the learning phase of the unit that students are expected to take part in.

The commercial focus of the units is designed to allow students to relate their academic learning to their careers. Reflection upon topics studied is therefore an important part of the course.